Multi purpose manual processing centre

Multi purpose manual processing centre for the processing of worktops, fireplaces, etc. out of natural stone or composite materials.
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Machine performance

  • Motorized height adjustment (z) with oscillating head and digital readout
  • Motor by frequeny-transformer adjustable up to 12,000rpm (internal water cooling)
  • Heavy duty design – easy to operate
  • Left machine side open for long workpieces
  • Completely galvanized

Technical facts

Model MKG light MKG genius
Workpiece length: up to 3500 mm up to 3500 mm
Support travel (x) max.: 2000 mm 3000 mm
Workpiece width (y) max.: 900 mm 1100 mm
Pneumatik brakes (x,y): manual standard feature
Motor: 2,2 kW 6,0 kW
Speed: up to 6.000 U/min up to 12.000 U/min
Tool fitting: 1/2'' 1/2 ''
Motorized height-adjustment (z): standard feature not available
Digital readout (z): standard feature standard feature
Oscillating (z): standard feature standard feature
Vacuum suction cups: not available on choice
Tilting table: not available on choice
Laser: not available on choice
Angle grinder: on choice on choice