MKK plus:
Monobloc bridge saw

Compact Monobloc Bridge saw machine for cutting natural stone slabs and tiles. Cutting to length and cross cutting by means of 90° saw blade swivel. Lateral side movement of bridge (y) with hand wheel and digital readout enables accurate and easy stone processing without necessity of moving material.
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Machine performance

  • Lateral adjustment of bridge (y) up to 1700 mm
  • Motorised cutting feed – infinitely adjustable (x)
  • Linear saddle guides – fully protected with bellows
  • Saw blade cover and splash guards made of stainless steel
  • Machine bench covered with wearing wood
  • Laser (red) as cutting indication
  • 90° saw blade swivel (manual)
  • Digital readout of bridge lateral adjust- ment with zero setting


  • Motorised height adjustment of blade
  • Motorised 90° saw blade swivel (instead of manual)
  • Tilting device (0°-45°) for mitre cutting
  • Water-recycling system and slurry dehydrator
  • Pneumatic loading frame (max 40 mm workpiece thickness)
  • Pneumatic lifting device with multidirectional rollers
  • Motorised Bridge movement with programming

Technical facts

Cutting length 3300 mm
Cutting depth up to 100 mm
Transverse adjustment of the bridge approx. 1700 mm
Diamond blade-Ø 400 mm
Height adjustment of saw blade approx. 150 mm
Motor 7,5 (10 hp)/ 400V/ 50Hz
Table cover 3300 x 1800 mm
Weight approx. 1800 kg
Dimensions 4,9 x 2,4 x 2,5 m
Colour RAL 7035 grey, RAL 5010 blue, RAL 3000 red